Summery Overview

The regional project ARMAZEG aims to implement higher educational reform in Armenian and Georgian universities with a view of societal impact, by enabling them to meet the challenges posed by globalization and changes in operating environment, through developing and implementing relevant lifelong learning programmes supported through e-learning. Main objectives of the project will be (1) to foster e-learning in university education as an integral part of the education process and as a way to improve quality of university education and a way to provide lifelong learning to society at large; and (2) to amend university regulations to foster usage of e-learning.

This will be done in a number of chronological steps:

  1. The development of strategic and operational (policy) framework and university documents for the implementation of lifelong learning supported through e-learning
  2. The development of a business and implementation plan and the establishment of Centers for e-learning with trained staff in administrative/organizational, pedagogical and technological aspects of e-learning
  3. The organisation of capacity building and training workshops in the field of e-learning and to prepare staff and society for lifelong learning
  4. The development of a quality assurance plan and set-up of pilot projects on the implementation of e-learning.