Designing ICT-based learning activities - MOOC for teachers

06 April, 2016

The HANDSON MOOC is a teacher training course about designing ICT-based learning activities, based on short, specific and very practical units where you can meet your very specific needs at the same time that you can have the support of peers.

HANDSON (or Hands-On ICT) is a project aiming to facilitate the inclusion of ICT tools in education. For this purpose, the project results can be summarized in two main outcomes: a MOOC for teachers training in creativity techniques with the support of ICT tools following a learning design studio approach and a toolkit for face-to-face workshops.

The HANDSON MOOC is particularly well suited for the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of educators from the three sectors Vocational Education and Training (VET), Higher Education (HE) and Schools, and represents an opportunity of becoming part of a large network of teachers who have shown to be knowledgeable peers.

The HANDSON toolkit is a short version of the MOOC to facilitate the usage of the HANDSON outcomes and it is targeted to short, face-to-face teacher training activities. Both products – the MOOC and the toolkit – provide hands-on and intense experiences during which educators design an ICT-based learning activity.

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