Georgia Symposium in Amsterdam
2015-05-21 - 2015-05-21

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences organises on Thursday afternoon 21 May 2015 its Georgia Symposium in Amsterdam.

 Europe’s Eastern borders seem to be shifting, taking into account that

  • The Dutch parliament voted last month in favour of the EU and Georgia Association Agreement.
  • On 21-22 May the Eastern Partnership Summit takes place in Riga. Here the EU political leadership decides amongst others on a short-term visa waiver.
  • Also on 21 May the Third Eastern Partnership Business Forum will focus on intensification of business contacts between EU and Georgian companies.


Against this current background and in the presence of many distinguished speakers and Georgia experts, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences looks forward to informing participants on the above issues. As hospitality is a central pillar of Georgian culture the afternoon is ended with Georgia’s fine viticulture. Please find the full programme here.

During the Symposium, the ARMAZEG project will be very briefly introduced by the Symposium organisers and project brochures will be made available for participants.