06 June, 2017

Final Dissemination Conference and Workshops within the ARMAZEG project have been held on May 31, 2017 in Armenia and Georgia. As mentioned previously the events were hold by the Institute of Informatics and Automation Problems NAS RA in Armenia and St. Andrew the First Call Georgian University in Georgia. For agendas click here  Armenia Georgia The speakers from the participating institutions presented the outcomes of the project in their respective institutions, elaborated on the establishment of e-Learning centers and pilot courses developed in the framework of the ARMAZEG project. They also pointed out on the failures, steps that still need to be done and corrected. Meanwhile, they all were firm in their desire to implement respective steps to keep the sustainability of the project after its end. The partners highlighted the importance...

ARMAZEG 6th Partner Meeting
05 May, 2017

On April 27-28 the Armenian State Pedagogical University hosted the last, 6th Partner Meeting of ARMAZEG project. Different issues from all work packages were in the agenda. The representatives of partner institutions evaluated the wok done and the final acts for the successful accomplishment of the project.  It was decided that the final conference of the project will be held simultaneously in Armenia and Georgia on May 19. From the Armenian part the event will be hosted by the Institute of Informatics and Automation Problems, NAS RA, while Saint Andrew the First Called Georgian University will organize the dissemination conference in Georgia. The partners agreed that the pilot courses of the concerned institutions will be put on the ARMAZEG Moodle and their start will be in the fall semester, 2017.   

Training Session in Tbilisi
09 November, 2016

 On October 24-25, a training session for the lecturers within the ARMAZEG project was held in Tbilisi. The two days training took place first at SANGU lecture hall, then at GTU, where the meeting was at the newly renovated e-Learning center of the university. Participants from Armenian and Georgian partner universities checked their theoretical knowledge received during the previous day presentations by the technical staff from KU Leaven and a representative of University of Granada. Future lecturers used Galicaster and other devices to make short presentations. 

Partner Meeting in Tbilisi
09 November, 2016

On October 26, a regular ARMAZEG partner meeting took place at the conference hall of the Georgian Technical University. Representative of the KU Leuven presented the managerial issues connected with the implementation of the project. The issues of purchase of the second part of equipment for e-Learning centers, piloting, dissemination, etc. were amongst the main points to discuss. The partners agreed to ask the European Commission for the 6 months extension of the project.   Representatives of partner institutions reported on the implementation of the project in their respective organizations, mainly about the ongoing works of establishment of e-learning centers and pilot projects.  

Training Session and Partner Meeting in Tbilisi
19 October, 2016

On October 24-25 a training session will be held in the Georgian Technical University, followed by a partner meeting on October 26.

Teltek Meeting with TEMPUS ARMAZEG Partners
19 October, 2016

After receiving the first part of the equipment bought from the Spanish Company Teltek within the project, the representatives of Teltek visited ARMAZEG partner states to introduce their Galicaster- lecture capturing system. On October 10-11 Teltek representatives visited Georgia, where the training was held at SANGU with the participation of other three Georgian partner institutions.   Meeting in Armenia was held on October 12-13 in IIAP. The four other Armenian partners were also attending the meeting. The lecture was intended for lecturers, technical staff and system administrators.    

The Last Study Visits to Europe
23 December, 2015

The representatives of the Armenian and Georgian Partner Institutions have participated in the last study visits to Europe, which took place 26-27 October 2015 at the University of Florence, Italy; 29-30 October 2015 at the University of Granada, Spain; and 7  December 2015 at KU Leuven, Belgium. The study visits focus on teacher training “Strategies to approach teacher training and capacity building in higher education institutions (mainly regarding e-learning).” The European partners presented the core principles and strategies for teacher training and development, as well as their individual experiences. The University of Florence program included topics on Distance learning in the initial education of Primary school teachers: e-Twinning and Moodle in the institutional didactics; BarCamp as a blended lifelong-learning tool for educators; Teacher training in the workplace in the context of educational programs for prisoners: Web Learning Group and Pebble multilingual...

Partner Meeting at KU Leaven
23 December, 2015

The ARMAZEG project partner meeting took place on December 8, 2015 at KU Leaven. The partners summed up the last study visits on the strategies to approach teacher training and capacity building in higher education institutions and discussed other ongoing issue on the agenda. The ARMAZEG project is on the stage of establishing e-learning centers in the Armenian and Georgian partner institutions, which includes the elaboration of business strategies, selection and training of staff and purchase of necessary equipment. These questions were raised and discussed during the meeting. The partners also presented their plans on pilot projects and discussed the quality framework. Work package leaders presented their progress on the topics concerned.  

The trainer's perspective
10 November, 2015

Andreas Formiconi, associate professor at University of Firenze summed up his experience and the topics of his session with the Georgian and Armanian colleagues of ARMAZEG visiting the School of Engineering in Florence for their training. His post contains his slides as well as the links to the resources he talked about.

Study visits on strategies on teacher training and capacity building approaches
26 October, 2015

Armenian and Georgian project partners will participate in study visits, scheduled to take place 26-27 October 2015 at the University of Florence, Italy and 29-30 October 2015 at the University of Granada, Spain. On the 7th of December 2015 a study visit is scheduled at KU Leuven, Belgium, which will be followed by a project partner meeting on the 8th of December. This time, the focus of the study visits will be on strategies to approach teacher training and capacity building (mainly regarding e-learning) in higher education institutions. The target group of this training are those staff members at the Armenian and Georgian institutions who are (or will be) responsible for training teachers in e-learning.

ARMAZEG monitoring visit
20 October, 2015

The ARMAZEG monitoring visit was performed  by the National Tempus Office team and project officer Mrs Karolina Garbaliauskaite from the EACEA (SANGU, TSU, GTU). The purpose of the visit was to learn about the activities realised and products developed so far, as well as to observe if the project had encountered any problems in operational and/or financial implementation. Article on SANGU's website.  

Tempus Session at CSIT Conference 2015
12 October, 2015

During 28 September 2015 – 2 October 2015 the 10th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technologies was held in Yerevan organized by Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (IIAP NAS RA).  The Conference aimed at encouraging the exchange of scientific and technological information between researchers in the field of Computer Science and Information Technologies. On 29th of September, during one of the Conference Workshops entitled “IT in Education” achievements and best practices of several Tempus Projects and their influence on the developments in higher education were presented. The representatives of ARMAZEG project from IIAP and SANGU also participated in the conference. IIAP team presented the overview of the ARMAZEG project, the work done and the future plans. 

ARMAZEG partners SANGU and TSU guests in television show
03 August, 2015

On the 16th of June 2015, ARMAZEG project partners Hamlet Meladze (SANGU) and Ramaz Botchorishvili (TSU) were guests at the live television show “Matema” on New Georgia, the TV channel from TSU and SANGU. The programme reported on the ARMAZEG project meeting that took place in Tbilisi in May and discussed the project objectives and activities in Georgia. During the discussion participants touched upon issues such as: why e-learning is important for Georgian universities; the new infrastructure for the universities in the framework of the project; the new opportunities that the partners benefit from during the project implementation and the improvement of teaching processes; the activities such as the training workshops and the set-up of pilot courses that are planned; how e-learning can be supported at institutional level and what kind of policy documents can ensure the sustainability of e-learning​; and the opportunity of virtual mobility for students and academics. The...

Sequent Handbook for Quality in e-learning procedures
17 June, 2015

The handbook is designed to provide guidance and information on the impact of e-learning and other aspects of application of ICT in higher education on the design and its integration within institutional and national of quality assurance processes. It distills information and experience of the operation of the e-learning quality assurance labels designed by the project partners and the outcomes of discussions and surveys conducted with institutions and agencies during the project that are presented in greater detail in the accompanying case study documents. These studies have indicated that there has been significant progress at institutional level in the development and adaptation of their quality systems but that there is limited evidence of specific processes or requirements being defined within national quality assurance systems. To be found at

Partner meeting at ARMAZEG e-learning centre of SANGU
01 June, 2015

On 21-22 May 2015, the ARMAZEG partners held their third project partner meeting, which was hosted by St. Andrew the First-Called Georgian University (SANGU) in Tbilisi, Georgia. The meeting was opened by the rector of SANGU, professor Sergei Vardosanidze and the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, professor Ivan Tsereteli. Pictures and a video (in Georgian) of the meeting can be found on the Facebook/YouTube pages of SANGU. During the meeting, partners discussed the status of the work packages and the project that is now half-way through its 3-year period. Partners also visited and held part of the meeting at the new e-learning centre at SANGU that was set-up in the framework of the ARMAZEG project. The e-learning center was built in place of an open area. It was built/finished during December 2014...

Meeting with vice-rector TSU
28 May, 2015

On 21-22 May 2015, the third project partner meeting took place in Tbilisi, Georgia, hosted by SANGU. On the 22nd of May 2015, the ARMAZEG project partners joined in a meeting with Dr. Joseph Salukvadze, Vice-rector for Strategic Development of Tbilisi State University and several staff members of TSU from the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Business and Economics and the Faculty of Psychology and Education.                 After a short presentation of the ARMAZEG project by the coordinator Mariet Vriens (KU Leuven), and the e-learning centre that will be set up at TSU’s Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, by the Dean of the Faculty Ramaz Botchorishvili, the participants engaged in a discussion with the vice-rector. Questions addressed were Why e-learning/blended learning is or is not interesting for institution/structural units e.g. faculties Why academics are or are not interested...

Quality models in online and open education around the globe: State of the art and recommendations
27 May, 2015

It is a must read for any person concerned with quality in online, open and flexible higher education.The report provides the first global overview of quality models in online and open education, anoverview which is very timely, delivered as it is for Global Education 2030, the new global educationalagenda which replaces Education For All, EFA.The report paints with a broad brush the landscape of quality in online and open education – and itschallenges. Illustrating that quality in online learning is as complex as the reality of online learning itself.It addresses new needs such as quality in MOOCs and Open Education Resources. It shows that onesize does not fit all, that improving quality of student experiences is more than ever extremely important,and it warns against implementation of quality models that restrict innovation and change. These are allimportant issues to reflect on and discuss.It delivers insight into the quality concept, the aspects of quality, and describes a selected...

ARMAZEG Project Vision, Strategy and Goals Document is Available for Download
18 May, 2015

The document presents the ARMAZEG vision, strategy and goals. The ARMAZREG vision highlights a future when higher education institutions in Armenia and Georgia will use technology to enhance education for students and lifelong learners. More specifically e-learning will serve as an important tool: To ensure a flexible organization of and easy access to learning. To improve the learning process by supporting activating teaching methods. To support research-based education. To support the internationalization of higher education. To facilitate the process of lifelong learning in Armenia and Georgia. The document points out the consecutive strategic and operational goals for the realization of the project vision.  ARMAZEG project vision, strategy and goals document download here.

Challenges and Potential of ULLL and its Role for the Development
18 May, 2015

On April 12-13, 2015, First International Conference on University Lifelong Learning in Caucasus held at TSU, in the framework of the Tempus Project SSRULLI - "Strengthening a specific role of universities as LLL institutions".  Representatives of two other TEMPUS projects, focusing on LLL and e-learning methodology: LeAGUe "A network of institutions for developing LLL" and ARMAZEG (team of TSU) participated in the conference with special invitation.  Ramaz Botchorishvili delivered welcome speech (13.04) and Tinatin Davitashvili presented the slides on Tempus Project ARMAZEG and TSU in this project (12.04).  Declaration of willingness to establish the Caucasus Network on ULLL was signed by the Tempus Project SSRULLI Team. Two Georgian HEIs outside of Tempus Projects, East European Teaching University and Tbilisi State Conservatory, the representatives of other Tempus projects, LeAGUe and ARMAZEG also joined the...

Education & Career EXPO 2015
18 May, 2015

On 21-23 April 2015 LOGOS EXPO Center organized the fifteenth international specialized exhibition “Education & Career EXPO 2015″. The Expo was held at “Yerevan EXPO” exhibition complex.    Orbali Institute participated in the EXPO as a Master's Degree and post-dog program provider. ARMAZEG project was presented and booklets both in English and in Armenian were distributed to the public. A separate booth was allocated to Erasmus+ where the staff members of National Erasmus+ Office in Armenia presented the higher education sector opportunities under the European Commission’s new program. ARMAZEG project was also presented in their booth. 

Meeting with President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan
10 April, 2015

On March 11, 2015, the Center for Scientific Information Analysis and Monitoring (CSIAM), IIAP participated in the expo devoted to the activities of Young Scientists Support Program (YSSP) beneficiaries. The program is being implemented for the last two years under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Armenia and is intended to assist young scientists in their scientific endeavors and activities.  The President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan visited the expo and was introduced to the works done. After the expo the President met with the young researchers.  The head of CSIAM Dr. Shushanik Sargsyan presented the activities of the center, paying particular importance to the ARMAZEG project. The brochures of the ARMAZEG were presented and distributed for the first time. Taking into account the number and ranking of the expo participants, it was a good opportunity for ARMAZEG dissemination. 

Meeting at National Erasmus + Office in Armenia
10 April, 2015

On April 7, 2015, the ARMAZEG Armenian partners had a meeting with a coordinator of the Armenian eLearning Network and GIZ Program coordinator Yulia Stakyan. The two sides were looking for the ways of cooperation between ARMAZEG and ArmeLNet, which had a huge experience in implementation and development of e-Learning practices in Armenia. Yulia Stakyan presented the current situation of e-Learning in Armenia, its challenges, strengths and weaknesses. The parties expressed their interest in cooperation and agreed to have periodical meetings in the future to shape a joint vision for cooperation and mutual assistance. The meeting was organized and hosted by the National Erasmus+ office in Yerevan.

State-of-the-Art report on Armenian and Georgian e-learning available for download
09 February, 2015

The State-of-the Art Report on the Armenian and Georgian e-Learning describes the current situation of development and use of e-learning and lifelong learning tools in Armenia and Georgia. It includes the monitoring analysis of lifelong learning and e-learning on a national level in Armenia and Georgia, as well as an analysis of the situation on the Partners’ institutional level. The report has served as a starting point for the further developing a joint vision, strategy and implementation of e-learning for lifelong learning in the broader framework of the ARMAZEG project. Download report here

Policy visits to three European universities
06 January, 2015

For the successful implementation and sustainable development of ARMAZEG project the main deliverables were defined as the effective start-up points: Analysis of current situation of lifelong learning and e-learning in Armenia and Georgia, including the needs and opportunities analysis of the participant organizations. Vision and strategy of ARMAZEG project with strategic goals and objectives. All these deliverables should be prepared taking into account all specifications, features and existing conditions of Partner countries. But, international experience, namely, the experience of EU partners was very important and useful. For this purpose in May-June of 2014 study visits for Armenian and Georgian partners were organized in KU Leuven, Belgium, in University of Granada, Spain and in University of Florence, Italy. All these partners provide preliminary trainings and consultancy about upcoming activities and expected results. It was very useful to find out the situation in EU countries,...

The ARMAZEG project website is launched
30 November, 2014

We are very excited to announce the launch of the ARMAZEG project website. With this website we aim to increase public awareness of our work, provide our potential audience with an easier way to learn about different initiatives of the ARMAZEG project, how to get involved and benefit, updated information on the e-learning practices and developments in the region. The website has a blog news section which is updated by the ARMAZEG project partners. You can find a lot of interesting information and resources on institutional e-learning maturity.   We will be adding new research on a regular basis, and feature a newsletter two times per year that will present hot topics on different aspects of the ARMAZEG project. We hope you will find the new website easy to use and informative.