Challenges and Potential of ULLL and its Role for the Development

18 May, 2015

On April 12-13, 2015, First International Conference on University Lifelong Learning in Caucasus held at TSU, in the framework of the Tempus Project SSRULLI - "Strengthening a specific role of universities as LLL institutions".

 Representatives of two other TEMPUS projects, focusing on LLL and e-learning methodology: LeAGUe "A network of institutions for developing LLL" and ARMAZEG (team of TSU) participated in the conference with special invitation. 

Ramaz Botchorishvili delivered welcome speech (13.04) and Tinatin Davitashvili presented the slides on Tempus Project ARMAZEG and TSU in this project (12.04).

 Declaration of willingness to establish the Caucasus Network on ULLL was signed by the Tempus Project SSRULLI Team. Two Georgian HEIs outside of Tempus Projects, East European Teaching University and Tbilisi State Conservatory, the representatives of other Tempus projects, LeAGUe and ARMAZEG also joined the declaration.