Quality models in online and open education around the globe: State of the art and recommendations

27 May, 2015

It is a must read for any person concerned with quality in online, open and flexible higher education.
The report provides the first global overview of quality models in online and open education, an
overview which is very timely, delivered as it is for Global Education 2030, the new global educational
agenda which replaces Education For All, EFA.
The report paints with a broad brush the landscape of quality in online and open education – and its
challenges. Illustrating that quality in online learning is as complex as the reality of online learning itself.
It addresses new needs such as quality in MOOCs and Open Education Resources. It shows that one
size does not fit all, that improving quality of student experiences is more than ever extremely important,
and it warns against implementation of quality models that restrict innovation and change. These are all
important issues to reflect on and discuss.
It delivers insight into the quality concept, the aspects of quality, and describes a selected number of
models in relation to certification, benchmarking, accreditation and advisory frameworks, and can
therefore serve as a guide and inspiration for building quality frameworks.